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Blue Diamond


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Blue Diamond Is A Slightly Sativa-dominant Hybrid

TheDiamond OGcut is a favorite of mine when it comes to phenotypes of OG Kush. Whenever I come across a strain with Diamond OG in its lineage I make a point to check it out and I’m rarely disappointed. It passes on a compact OG-like bud structure, but is often allows the qualities of whichever strain it is crossed with to flourish (Green Diamond for example). Much to my chagrin, the Blue Diamond Strain seemed to carry on this tradition.

The Blue Diamond strain was the result of crossing Diamond OG and Blue Dream. Both of its parents are nearly 50-50 hybrids but the Diamond OG phenotype tends to lean towards the Sativaend of the spectrum. That, combined with the Blue Diamond strain’s effects, leads me to believe that it is a slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid.


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